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18 February 2012 @ 07:49 pm
So this week I decided that I would write done the foods that I eat, and about what I think the calories are as an experiment to actually be able to see what I eat in a week. This is mainly because I have not been feeling nothing but tired all the time, and I have a pretty dangerously low, low blood pressure. The blood pressure thing is something that I have always had, but I feel like its gotten worse. Having a too low blood pressure can lead to a lot of bad things. Also I have been watching Supersize vs Superskinny, a BBC programme. So, I thought maybe the problem lies in what I eat. So, I experimented and wrote it all down...a week of my food.

The results were pretty bad. I was actually quite disappointed in myself and how my eating habits have become. I have also realized that living in Japan and seeing so many skinny people all the time, and being called fat and such has really changed how I see food. The problem is, How do I stop it??

I like eating, its a comfort for me...but comfort eating is REALLY bad for you. But, I just cannot stop. When I looked at my days of food I eat about 1400 calories a day give or take. This is perfectly fine for my weight, height and ect. HOWEVER, there were some days were I barely ate 1000 calories, according to my records. That isn't the greatest. But to make matters worse even on the more calories or less calories days I would say about 1/3 - 1/2 of my calories consumed were of chocolate and other sweets. Its no wonder to me know looking at that why I am tired a lot, or why I have trouble sleeping at night. But, the problem is...How do I fix it??

I want to fix it, I do. But even looking at that piece of paper hasn't seem to do much at all. Today I was looking at, and at the same time I manged to eat the rest of my box of cereal. My friend them gave me some snacks and I almost ate the WHOLE bag of chocolate biscuits until I realized what I was doing and than I just had to throw out the rest of the bag so that I would stop. But although I stopped for a bit, it didn't last long. The next minute I was eating away at my dried bananas. And by this point my tummy was starting to not feel so great, but it didn't seem to matter cause I ate more even after that. It's like I can't stop. I know I shouldn't eat this much, so I will go upstairs and try and forget about it. But, I will make up some excuse to go downstairs and than when I am there it will be like, "oh just one more isn't going to hurt." I know that a lot of it happens because I am often quite lonely or depressed or just sort of without feeling. But the thing is, when I am happy I will do it too. It just like I want to eat all the time. I am always thinking about what I am going to eat.

For example, I go to sign language club every Tuesday and half way though there is a candy box passed around so that everybody can have a piece. Which is all good and things, but the problem is that the whole time I am learning sign language all I am thinking about is when is it going to be break time so that I can have something sweet. I hate this!!

If a bag is open, or in my house I will eat it...and I will eat it all. I don't know how to change this though. I tried not having the snacks in my house, but than instead of eating a lot of sweets I binge on eating whatever is here, weather its kimuchi or chocolate or dried fruit, bananas and other fruits. It doesn't matter what it is, I am eating it.

Does anybody have any advice?
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17 December 2011 @ 01:34 pm
If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]
It would be ending the need for money. I know its a far off dream, but wouldn't it be wonderful with humans could just do things because they need to be done, and help out others simply because it was the right thing to do. By taking out the money problem, we would even be able to erase world hunger and a lot of other things. There would be no need for Occupy either. However, its impossible. Humans would never be able to do this, because of the environment we leave in. Somebody always needs to be on top, and somebody always needs to be on the bottom. Its the sad truth. I just wish it wasn't.
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30 September 2010 @ 08:53 pm
So to continue from what I was taking about in my last post. I am highly considering doing it. Thanks so much for all the support.

I am terrified of the idea though of moving to Japan without a job or things like that. So, than I got to thinking. What if I can get hired on

at Tokyo DisneyLand. I would be able to meet many people that way, many of whom are casting directors. I would also get to work on Japanese,

and maybe even hangout with show members who can share with me how they got casted and ect. ect. This way too I would be able to move to 

Tokyo area and still have a job. It seems most jobs are 5 days a week, and usually they include the weekend which would give me some weekdays to travel into Tokyo and audition.   This would I think be the best situation for me. Now, if only I could figure out how to audition for them over here to be a face character or something. Do I look like a Disney Character at all, is my other question/problem!???

If not, I wonder if they would hire me  to do other things like take foreigner tourists around. Anybody ever worked for Disney? I did see they were looking for a tour guide, I would also be willing to work behind stage and just help with translation between the foreigner cast member traveling here and things too. I think I need to some how make an inquire but, I don't know how to go about doing that. 

Anyways, I guess thoughts??? And to those who speak/read Japanese better than me please look at the website below and see if it says something about foreigners working there, and how to go about that. Thanks!!


ps. yes, I know Disney is the evil but, it should help me with connections maybe.
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02 March 2009 @ 09:43 pm
Anybody want to play bottom in a midsummer night's dream.
There is only one performance, and they won't be that many rehearsals, though there will be a bit more for bottom since you will need to learn blocking. The performance date is Sunday, april 26th.
It would be great if you spoke Japanese, but if you don't I am willing to help you learn you lines.

If we cannot find a bottom then we WON't BE DOING THE SHOW AGAIN!!!! NOOOOOOOO-- I REALLY WANT TOO!!

SO please! :begs: Any takers!????


ps. You have a bit more then a month to learn the lines so it won't be too bad.. promise.
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16 January 2009 @ 01:12 pm
so because i was bored i filled this out.

here are the directions if you want to do it too... :)
Go through the list and check off the titles you have watched. For our purposes, "watching" a title means that for TV and OVA series, you have to have seen at least one episode. For one-shots, you have to have seen the whole thing. At the end of each genre/category, add up your sub-total. At the very end, add up the sub-totals to come up with your grand total. If your grand total is 80 or over, congratulations -- you are an obsessive anime watcher!

An Editor's Note: not all the titles listed here are great, and some are even steaming piles of crap. Titles on the list are here because they are either 1) genuinely good, 2) insanely popular, 3) good examples of the genre, or 4) just plain notorious. Good anime obsessives should be able to watch series with any of those qualities.

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24 August 2008 @ 02:35 am
So today I am really bored, I think its cause I really haven't hung out with people all week. It makes me feel lonely. This week, I haven't done anything, expect work this week. Which by the way work...on Thursday was bad. I was lucky, I didn't have a bad event, but everybody else did, and the tension was really high because of it since why it wasn't a fun day. Thursday was also move in day for the freshmen, and so almost everybody was 10-15 minutes late because of the parking and craziness around campus.

Also, the ice show list got posted for this year, and although I don't really like my part, it could be worse, I think. However, I really wish we would stop trying to shove so many shows into two hours, its retarded. It never make sense because you can only show a couple song from each show, and they never seem to go together. I wish we would go back to how the first half was always one show, and the second half like three shows. That way, a real story would get told. So the show this year is; first half: pirates, pocohantas, mermaids, jungle book, lion king and some Egypt thing but I think its indiana jones i really don't know. The second half is the snow queen, and babies in toyland. AKA...this show is made of retardedness because it doesn't really go together at all. But, OH WELL. I have to be a vulture aka. rode kill in the jungle book. I am happy that it is a character role, but I have been too many birds over the years. Also, its a quartet, with other adults that are levels behind me in skating, and I don't want to have to skate down. I don't mind being with them, cause they are all really cool adults, but I don't want to have to skate slower and have to do jumps and spins that don't show my skating. The show is supposed to showcase everyones skating ability, but I am going to have to skate down. In years passed as well, the adults have always worked it out so that first place gets a featured step-out, 2nd gets a stepout, and 3rd and on are in a small group. I got 2nd, but this year they decided not to give out a stepout, so that was weird. But, like I said it won't be too bad I just don't want to skate down. Also, I am mad that one of my friends doesn't get to be in the show, because she cannot afford skating lessons every week, but another person was allowed in simply because he can look like the part he will play, but he doesn't skate every week, he has never competed, bascially its against all the rules for being in the show, but he has a huge part; and my friend who can actully skate and dose practice ect. gets nothing. GAH--- I hate when they say no exceptions this year, and yet there is one.

So, that is really all that has been going on. School starts in 2 days if you count today and I am not looking forward to it, but all things must begin again, and the sooner it starts the quicker I can get it over with. But still I don't wanna!! And yes, I am acting like a baby. LOL

Oh, and I am really bored, so people should call me and we should do stuff.

Love you all,
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22 June 2008 @ 02:47 am
So I have been jobing hunting again and again. Either people need people for night shifts (11-4am) which I cannot do, or they want someone with more job experience ext. I really am hoping that something comes up...I really do need a job.

Other then that I got my wisdom teeth out. It not as bad as I though it would be. My jaw hurts more then my teeth do and the drugs they gave me seem to be working quite well. I can eat even, though it has to be REALLY soft and things cause I cannot open my jaw like at all. I have been eating lots of pudding, mash potatoes, and Popsicles (though the Popsicles my mom got me are a bit big, so kind of have a hard time making them work). Also I am using ice on my face like all the time it seems, its all swollen, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Also I have been sleeping a lot, its like up for a hour down for two hours...i feel tired basically all the time. Also I have a bruise from the shot they gave me.

So I went into the doc. office at 8 am and they sat me in a chair, and of course I was panicking cause OMG Shots and the surgery, I held a nurses hand and then the other nurse put the needle in my arm I remember saying it hurt a lot (for me the needle going in isn't too bad it when it sits in my arm and they are taking something out or putting something in), they told me to rest it on the arm rest and then I was out. When I work up I was VERY tired and my whole body felt like jello, they put me in a wheelchair and we went to the car. The whole thing only took a little over an hour for all the wisdom teeth. Then I came home and slept a lot, when I woke my jaw was sore and my teeth hurt. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, so that is good neh?

Anyways guess that is about it.
OH! Anybody want to come watch movies with me or something (board games ect), that would be way fun though I don't promise I won't fall asleep on you.

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So I am sure this is all over your f-lists, but OMG Tornado's really close to home. I was at Campus just getting to class when the lady who is like the building manager comes down and tells us all to go to the basement, that there was tornado's in windsor, greely, laporte ect. So Of course I was like OMG !!! I tried calling my mom but the phones at the library were out. Then it was like this could really happen. So all of us were in the basement at the uca and just listing to the radio and chilling out. Eventually we decided to go ahead and have class in the basement, but as soon as we got into it we were told it was clear. HUZZAH!

However, it was still really scary and my heart goes out to those in Windsor.

Anyways my dance class was canceled because of it, and now I am just bad here and hanging out trying to make sure everyone is ok. There is only one person I know in windsor so I might try to contact them, but they are most likely busy talking to others or there power it out right now. It seems to weird, I mean CO gets tornado's but not up here! And right now it loks nice outside only an hour later, though it is still windy. And who knows what could happen, we got an email from CSU at 3:45pm this afternoon talking about another torando, but I don't if its coming this way, they don't think so, but who can really tell. ANYWAYS SO SCARY!! EPp-- Glad everybody is safe though.

Much Love,
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28 April 2008 @ 04:19 am
On Friday we left about 2:30 from the Epic, and took off with 7 of us, and all are stuff packed into a van heading for Casper. We stopped over, and got some fast food stuff, that took like 10-15 minutes to get, and there was only one car in front of us!!!! But we got to the rink about 5:30ish ( i think). I was the only one out of our group that had to skate my soul on Friday night, but we had missed practice ice since it was at like 4pm, so my first skate on the rink was my soul performance. ^.^* It went pretty well though, and the audience seemed to like it. So that was good. Then we got ready and did our Robin Hood performance, for the first time in front of an audience, we messed up the end a bit , and I put my hand down on my axel...however, it still went pretty well.

Finally about 9:30 o'clock we went to the hotel. We were all so very tired. The hotel staff however, was not very good when we checked in. It took almost an 1 hr and 1/2 to get into our room. But we didn't let that ruin anything, instead we had a small party for a bit, and then people left and I showed some, some of my pictures of Japan, and they let me talk about it. That was really nice, they were the first people to want to see my pictures of Japan, and let me talk about it a lot. So that was really nice of them.

Saturday we woke up, and hung around the hotel. Do to the service we didn't receive and the condition of the eckdale's room (they were the ones driving), they got a free room and we got free lunch at the hotel. The manager was very sorry that what had happened, happened and was very nice about it. So we were happy about that, and it made up for what had happened the night before. Then we went to their mall, since they all wanted to go, and it had snowed that morning/friday night, so going to the waterfall didn't seem like a good place to go to.
There mall is bigger, and better then ours, it sad that WY of all places bet us out! lol.

So then we went to the rink, i did a bit of homework and the other members of the team did there practice ice. Then we went to starbucks (mocha frappicino) and it was great. We came back and did another show. Everybody did really great with their soul programs. Robin hood went WAY better in my opinion then the first night, and i actully landed my axel!! WOOT. Then there was a cast party, with really great food and it was overall fun. After all that, it was about 11pm when we left casper, and since the roads were icy in spots it took about 4 hours to get home. I didn't sleep much in the car, but i passed out the moment i got home.

Home now, very tired, so much homework to do. LOve you all,

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17 March 2008 @ 06:40 am
So Spring break has official begun. So far it has been pretty fun, and relaxing. But starting tomorrow I have to work, YUCK! The only good thing about that is getting to make money, and Pot luck on Tuesday. Woot! I love pot luck days! But ya, really don't want to go to work.

Mid-terms went pretty good I think, I only know what I got on the one test which was a 90 HUZZAH!
So excited about that. The history test who knows, though he says they are going better this time around then the last test, so there is hope. The Japanese Presentation could have been a lot better but it wasn't completely horrible, at least I know that I will pass it. The NOH lecture was AMAZING, and I wrote about it in my acting journal cause that is how cool is was to get to learn some NOH movement and song. I can do the whole first two lines of a NOH dance and Song. So I did indeed survive mid-terms week. HUZZAH.

So Friday after midterm got together with some friends to watch letter from iwo jima but we ended up putting it on and not watching it, instead we were being silly and doing stupid internet things and chatting, which was WAY better. Then Saturday I stayed home all day and I did a bit of my homework, though not a lot of it. I started my History stuff... and that was it. I watched TV and played on my computer, which I never seem to have time to do. So that was really great. Then I got to go out for dinner at a pretty taste Chinese place, but the survive was kind of bad. Would I go again .... most likely not, but they did have the best wonton soup I have ever tasted which was good. Then I went out for coffee at Barnes and Nobels and hung with a friend, were we got to talk about china and japan, because she went to china for a couple months and I went to Japan, so it was great to compare and contrast. Then we went Blues dancing, which is like sex on the dance floor when done right. I loved IT!! TOTALLY going again.

So that has been my break so far, and I hope that work doesn't sux to much and we still have a lot of fun.

Bye! ^.^*
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